All I do, I do for you. Fear me and I will be yours!

Resurrection August 22nd 2020

Too long has the king kept folks from his halls. He feels the need to summon you back on August 22nd from 7pm until 11pm

Dance and drink the night away!

Our DJ will play songs that range from Classical Ballroom Dances to modern dance music. The King demands you to DANCE!

A cash bar will be onsite offering a selection of beer and wine, along with a few other special drinks. ID required from EVERYONE and the event is 21+ No hard alcohol will be served.

About the ball


Dress in your most elegant outfits and most importantly, wear your mask!

The King demands that his subjects dress in their formal best for such a wondrous occasion! No outfit is too outlandish and we will reward those who come arrayed in spectacular fashion.

As all citizens know, the mask is the most important piece to the outfit as it helps protect you from falling too far under the sway of goblin magic!


Limited tickets

The king is selective about who comes to his affairs and only those who have prebought tickets may join in the festivities! No tickets will be sold on the night of the event. Tickets at all levels are very limited.

The event is entirely indoors and will happen no matter what the weather, unless it is declared a state of emergency.


Purchase your tickets

Tickets are available here

No refunds on tickets. You may however sell or transfer your ticket as you wish. The new person must present us with a proof of purchase from the original purchaser when they check into the event.


Ticket Options

ALL guests must be 21+ and ALL guests must have a valid ID to purchase alcohol. The Goblins Ball is not affiliated in any way with the Jim Henson Company or the Walt Disney Company.

Contact Us

The Ball will be held at the Higgins Armory Building

100 Barber Ave, Worcester MA

Free Parking in lot across the street.

The Goblin King's Ball

100 Barber Ave, Worcester, Massachusetts 01606, United States

(978) 239-2545 M-F 10am until 6pm Please leave a message if we do not answer and we will get back to you asap




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